About The Glass Creators


Our Birth and Inspiration

Lighting and glass artwork is in our blood and has been since 1858 when an ancestor in Menton, France made a small stained glass window for his parish church. That one act of charity created in the barn sparked a love for making beautiful windows by hand.

He turned a passion for the craft into a business to support his growing family, and branched into producing windows for homes and churches. Forging sand into glass, he added compounds for color, and created a window with a story. Shaping those small-town roots into a global empire in lighting and stained glass artwork is a family tradition, handed down for generations to the father, daughter, son, and uncle team of experts today.

Years of quality workmanship crafting stained glass windows for churches and city halls carried us out of the past and into the 20th Century, providing our family with a future and a desire to branch out into other avenues for our artwork. All we needed was an idea, which grew into an all-consuming demand that kept us up at night and so Stained Glass Creations and Beyond was born.

A gambling vacation similar to topaus online casino  with a family friend turned into the inspiration we sought when she mentioned how dark and uninviting it was inside the casino where we played. Improving the experience became our calling, and years later we are rejuvenating the décor of land-based casinos all over the world with well-designed glass and lighting.

Still headquartered in France, we also have offices in Nicolet, Canada and Nansuizhen, Macau with people who strive to create a hospitable and individual relationship with all of our clients and fellow employees. Stained Glass Creations and Beyond takes great pride in delivering quality glass and light accents for any theme, and we can make any casino shine, inviting a mood to party or highlight special occasions and locations.

Our mission at Stained Glass Creations and Beyond is to enhance the guest experience by providing the best product we can for every client, while maintaining the personable and upbeat attitude that our customers deserve. We mix that with the vision to make the world a brighter and more enjoyable place through our products as well as our personal actions.

We have core values of respect, creating the best artwork, and dedication to service with the belief that all casinos should be fun and beautifully lit for a shiny, sparkly, and colorful experience. Our most popular brand is the Tiffany Style, but a wide variety of our traditional works grace the most popular casinos worldwide. Let Stained Glass Creations and Beyond be your guide in everything!