Make A Difference.

Spread The Word.

Get your friends and family involved by nominating them to complete their own MAD deed. With every MAD deed completed and every new person nominated, we can all work together to change the world. We challenge you to make a difference!

How To Make Your

MAD Nomination:

Step 2 - Spread The World

Step 1 - Do Your Good Deed

Donate your time, money or attention to a charity, cause, or individual that you believe deserves assistance – no act of kindness is too small. Whether you give a cash donation of $18,000, help out at a local charity, donate clothes or simply buy someone a sandwich, your generosity can make a big difference in the lives of others.

Take a photo or video of your MAD deed and then post it on any of our social networks with the hashtag #MADnomination.

Step 3 - Nominate Your Friends